Classified Adverts - Terms & Conditions

All users should read carefully these terms and conditions which refer to the section of the Mediconf Website: Mediconf Practice Directory and Free Classified Advertising Service.

It is a condition of use that visitors agree to read and abide fully by the following terms and conditions. By using the website you are consenting to our terms and conditions.

  • All advertisers must be GPs, Practice Managers or Nurses attached to a practice.

  • Advertisers must register on our Website.

  • The free advert is not for Companies or Businesses who can advertise by paying the commercial rate.

  • To prevent out of date adverts remaining on the site an advert willremain for 30days only. You will have the option to renew if this is needed.

  • It is the advertiser's responsibility to ensure that their advert is legal, honest, truthful and complies with all relevant legal and regulatory guidance.

  • No adverts are to be placed for articles not conducive to a healthcare website e.g. Tobacco, alcohol etc.

  • No illegal items such as firearms, hazardous substances to be listed.

  • Mediconf reserve the absolute right to remove adverts at their discretion and or withdraw this service at any time they see fit.

  • Use of this site is a free service to Practices and Healthcare Professionals and you use it at your own risk.Mediconf is unable to verify the accuracy and factual content of the adverts .

  • Mediconf has no part whatsoever in assurance of the quality of goods or services advertised. It is simply allowing a free method of introduction between buyer and seller. It has no part to play in the individual sale betweenthe two. These risks and responsibilitiesare entirely those of the parties concerned.

  • Most of the goods and items are produced by the advertiser and uploaded to the site.Mediconf accepts no responsibility for errors or omissions in the adverts though it does its best to encourage and strive for accuracy in all the postings. It is the posters responsibility to inform our office of any errors or omissions.

  • From time to time you may receive information on our services or that of our advertisers. We do not release your email addresses to anyone. You are free to unsubscribe at any time from our mailing list.


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